Chameleon Color & Blending Sets

The Chameleon Color & Blending System gives artists colour blending options like never before. The patented system allows you to colour from light to dark, dark to light and colour to colour; giving endless colour blending possibilities. These sets combine Chameleon’s multi-award winning Chameleon Markers with the new Chameleon Color Tops.

Each of the 10 available packs can create over 50 tones and blends!

Each pack contains:

  • 1 x Chameleon Colourless Blender Pen
  • 5 x Chameleon Colour Tops
  • 1 x Chameleon Mixing Chamber
  • 5 x Chameleon Markers
  • 6 spare Chameleon Japanese Brush Nibs
  • Instruction leaflet.