ShinHan Touch Twin Markers

ShinHan Touch markers are considered the world's best high-end marker for Artists and Designers. Every aspect of the ShinHan Touch marker has been designed to out-perform every other marker available on the market today. The ShinHan Touch Twin Marker range consists of 204 colours and are ideal for designers and illustrators across a wide range of industries, including illustration, fashion design, animation, cartooning, industrial and interior design.

  • Odourless, non-toxic and permanent  
  • Extremely rich and intense colours
  • The best fade-resistance of any marker available today
  • Highest quality ink, with very few additives
  • Non-streaking, even application with the superb nylon tips
  • Colourless blender for gradations and soft blends
  • Will not dissolve toner inks so can be used on copied drawings without the risk of smudging
  • Two tips - chisel point and fine point
  • Easy shading and blending
  • Round-cornered, rectangular shaped barrel, won't roll off tables, easy to hold.